RNOX bicycle helmet TS-45


Helmet Size: 33*23*19
Head Circumference: 56-62cm
Head Width: 18.2cm
Single Weight: 380g


RNOX bicycle helmet TS-45

RNOX Sports is holding a special helmet fitting and demo for the TS-45 Bicycle Helmet.

Come explore the perfect fit for your unique head shape and get the peace of mind that comes from riding with the RNOX TS-45 – one of the lightest and safest helmets on the market.

With sizes from 33*23*19 cm and a head circumference that fits 56-62 cm, as well as head width of 18.2 cm, plus an ultra-light single weight of 380g, the TS-45 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the highest level of head protection with maximum comfort.

Come join us and get properly fitted and informed with the TS-45 today!

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Matte Black, Black Red, Black Fluorescent Yellow, Empathic Blue, Pearly White


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