RNOX bicycle helmet R-016


Helmet Size: 27 * 22 * 17
Head Circumference: 59-62cm
Head Width: 17cm
Single Weight: 260g


RNOX bicycle helmet R-016

RNOX Bicycle Helmet R-016 Mountain Biking Event.
The event caters to riders who wear helmet size 27 * 22 * 17, with a head circumference between 59 and 62 cm, head width of 17 cm, and a single weight of 260 grams.

This event is a thrilling, yet safe mountain biking experience for riders who are equipped with the RNOX Bicycle Helmet R-016.

There will be a variety of courses to choose from, all designed to test your skill, stamina, and safety.

Come join in the fun, and see what the RNOX Bicycle Helmet R-016 can do for you!

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White, Lake Blue, Grey, Matte Black, Fluorescent Green


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