RNOX bicycle helmet R-002


Helmet Size: 27 * 21 * 15
Head Circumference: 52-58cm
Head Width: 17.5cm
Single Weight: 280g


RNOX bicycle helmet R-002

Organize a bike safety family day at the local park!

Encourage families to come out and learn essential safety measures while they enjoy a day of biking.

Provide demonstrations on proper bike helmet techniques and give everyone a chance to win a RNOX Bicycle Helmet R-002 in their size for free!

The RNOX helmet offers ultimate protection with its 27 * 21 * 15 size, fits 52-58cm circumference and 17.5cm width, and offers a lightweight 280g single weight.

Everyone will want to get their hands on these amazing protective helmets!

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Black, Red, Grass Green, White, Fluorescent Green, Gemstone Blue


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