RNOX bicycle helmet KP-1-colors


Helmet Size: 27*21*14cm
Head Circumference: 53-61cm
Head Width: 18cm
Single Weight: 200g


RNOX bicycle helmet KP-1-colors

Celebrating the Launch of the KP-1-Colors Helmet

Come out and join us for an exhilarating bike ride to celebrate the launch of the new RNOX KP-1-Colors helmet!

This helmet is designed for maximum comfort and protection on your rides, with an optimal helmet size of 27*21*14cm, a head circumference of 53-61cm, a head width of 18cm, and a single weight of just 200g.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or just getting into the sport, this helmet is perfect for you! Join us for a fun-filled ride around the city and to experience the power of the KP-1-Colors helmet!

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Blue-Pink Gradient, Blue-Green Gradient


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